Zach Ashman

Zach is the site coordinator for Byron Nelson High School, and has coached for Performance Course at schools across the greater Houston area, Southlake, Marcus, Frisco Lebanon Trail, and Frisco Memorial.

As an athlete growing up, Zach attended Performance Course at Marcus High school from the 6th grade through his senior year of high school.  After high school he went on to study at Texas A&M University graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Conditioning with minors in Coaching and History. While at A&M he was apart of the Powerlifting team and competed in several meets including 2018 USAPL Collegiate Nations. In addition, Zach was also involved with Texas A&M’s Student Coaching Academy serving as the Vice President. After graduation Zach served as a teacher and coach at College Station High coaching football and baseball.  

Zach joins Performance Course because of their devotion to developing young athletes, as well as their impact into molding their athletes into high character young men and women.