Frequently Asked Questions

Course Reminders

What do I need to bring to Performance Course sessions?

Bring a water bottle DAILY. Pack all keys and electronic devices cell phones) in a bag. Performance Course is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Sunscreen and bug spray may be helpful depending on location.

When will I receive the apparel I purchased?

Purchased PC apparel will be passed out weekly beginning the second week of course.

Does PC provide transportation or extended child care?

PC does not provide child care or transportation. Once the session is finished, participants will be released and we will begin a new session. Performance Course will not be monitoring participants on or off property before and after designated course times. Please review your program start/end date and time at All site locations, dates and times vary.

Will PC be in session on school holidays, national holidays and the week of Fourth of July?

PC closes for one to two weeks, depending on your location site. Please check our website for the holiday break schedule at Dates and times vary by location.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of your session as we will start on time. To find your course start time, pleave visiti and select the course you are enrolled in.

How does PC handle rain and inclement weather?

Rain or shine, WE WILL BE IN SESSION! The only exception is if a school or campus shuts down or issues a closing due to weather conditions.

What should I wear?

Please wear athletic shoes and athletic apparel each day. We encourage you to wear light color and loose fit clothing.

What if I am injured or have a medical condition?

If you are under the care of a physician or have an underlying medical condition, please speak with your PC Coach on the first day of training and continuously communicate as the course progresses. We are happy to work around injuries and can modify the workout as needed.

What if I have to miss sessions?

While attendance is encouraged, it is very common for athletes to miss sessions due to conflicting school events, camp schedules and family vacations. If you will talk to the site coordinator prior to the missed sessions, they will provide you with an optional vacation workout. We have a NO REFUND policy and do not offer reinbursrsment for missed sessions. If you have a change of plans during a course, we will not make up session times or return tuition.

Can I attend multiple sessions in a day during the summer?

Please only attend one session per day. We do not allow or recommend any additional training hours.

Is there a place I can see photos from my session?

Pictures, posts and reminders will be available exclusively on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook. You can follow us on Instagram @PerformanceCourse. You can follow us on Twitter @PCNowisthetime. You can follow us on Facebook here: Performance Course*We make no guarantee to provide pictures from each course and session. 

Payment Plans

Does Performance Course offer payment plans?

We offer an automated payment plan that will allow you to divide up the course fee into equal payments with the first payment due at the time of setup. If you would like a link to setup a payment plan, please email and include the school and course you plan to register for.

Are scholarships available?

We do not currently offer any scholarships for our programs, but we would be happy to help you set up a payment plan.  If you would like a link to setup a payment plan, please email and include the school and course you plan to register for.