Performance Course Athlete Social Distancing Policies

  • Athletes will check in and complete the COVID-19 Athlete Screening prior to arriving. Parents should check their child’s temperature prior to coming to the Performance Course. Athletes with a fever of 99.6 or above will not be allowed to train. ATHLETES MUST BE FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE RESUMING TRAINING.
  • Athletes will stay home if they answered “YES” to any screening questions or if they do not feel well.
  • Any athletes exhibiting symptoms will be dismissed from training immediately.
  • No parents or siblings will be permitted to enter the training area unless there is an emergency. Parents are to stay in their car for both pick up and drop off unless there is an emergency.
  • Carpooling is discouraged. Each athlete should be brought to training by a parent or be able to drive themselves.
  • Athletes are to remain in the car until 5 minutes prior to training time.
  • Each facility will have a point of entry and a point of exit. Athletes must enter at the point of entry. After training, athletes will be dismissed at the point of exit to keep social distancing standards.
  • Attendance check-in will be required each day by every athlete. This will be done from their smart phone or device when they arrive to limit contact and maintain social distancing practices.
  • Athletes will report to their designated group in the exact same spot each day to limit any crossover between groups.
  • Hand sanitizer or hand-washing stations will be readily available. Students and staff will be encouraged to use it frequently.
  • Athletes will be required to bring their own water bottle as community water will not be provided. Failure to bring water to a session may result in the inability to participate.
  • Workout areas will be disinfected before workouts begin, in-between each session, and at the end of each day.
  • Maintain 6 feet of space between each other. This includes while in lifting groups, running groups, and common areas including restrooms.
  • Limit physical contact with others. Do not shake hands, hug, fist-bump or high five.
  • Athletes will use hand sanitizer before entering the facility, during workouts, and when exiting workouts.
  • Restrooms: athletes will utilize the “one in one out” model; sanitize hands after exiting; trash cans will be placed near doors to encourage student-athletes to open the door with the paper towel used to dry hands. Please encourage your child to use the restroom prior to arriving at the training session.
  • Locker rooms will remain closed. Students should report to workouts in proper gear and will be encouraged to return home to shower at the end of the workout.

Performance Course Staff Policies

  • Staff will check in and complete the screening process each day before arriving.
  • Staff will stay home if they answered “YES” to any screening questions or if they do not feel well.
  • Staff will use hand sanitizer before entering the facility, during workouts, and after each workout.
  • Staff will bring their own labeled water bottle.

Performance Course has developed a program that gives us an undeniable advantage. We know our kids will be well taken care of and in the best shape of their life when they report to us in August. I am a huge advocate of the Performance Course.

Tom Westerberg // Barbers Hill High School